5 reasons why BacktoBetter is great for your business

When you look for a private medical insurance policy for your business, it is sometimes the extra’s that can make all the difference. Aviva introduced the BacktoBetter service for their solutions private medical insurance some time ago however, we thought we could remind people why it can be of benefit to their business. As Musculoskeletal (MSK) problems are common, Aviva wanted to offer an excellent solution for their clients. By using BacktoBetter, employees are back to feeling better and back to work faster.

What is BacktoBetter from Aviva?

BacktoBetter is a treatment pathway for problems with your neck, back, muscles or joints. Available to Solutions members if provides the following:

  • Quick access to a clinical assessment over the phone which helps your employees to deal with the pain of a musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Your employees can get the correct treatment when they need it which could lead to a faster recovery.
  • With BacktoBetter there is no need to see a GP, meaning less downtime for you from the start.
  • Providing an end to end service that delivers best clinical practice regardless of how complicated the problem is.
  • If you have an excess on the policy, any physiotherapy treatment provided by the BacktoBetter service will not have the excess applied.

What happens if the employee needs to see a specialist following BacktoBetter assistance?

Aviva have found that fewer members need to see a specialist following the assistance of their BacktoBetter clinical case manager.  This is because early intervention can be key in recovery for MSK injuries. When it is appropriate, face to face appointments with an approved clinician are arranged. Even when this happens, your employee will still receive continuous support from the BacktoBetter team.

If you are looking for a company private medical insurance policy  the team at SMP Healthcare can help you. We can provide more information about the Aviva policy or any other providers’ policies available on the UK market. You can contact us on 01245 929129 or enquiries@smphealthcare.com.