6 amazing benefits of the HealthWise app

As well as providing Health and Protection cover, The Exeter, a mutual insurer, also offers policyholders value-added benefits via their HealthWise mobile app. Healthwise provides free access to expert medical advice, via your smartphone or tablet.

Who can access HealthWise?

If you are a member of The Exeter with either a Health Insurance, Income Protection or Life Insurance policy, Healthwise will be available to you and your immediate family. However, the services available will depend on the type of policy you have.

What benefits are available under HealthWise? 

Regardless of the policy selected all members of The Exeter get access to the following:

  1. GP on demand and prescription service 

To help combat GP waiting times, members of The Exeter will have access to 4 GP phone or video consultation appointments via the HealthWise app. Allowing members to make an appointment with an experienced, UK-based GP, at a time of their convenience.

  1. Second medical opinion service (up to 2 consultations each year)

When diagnosed with a medical condition, you may want another medical opinion. HealthWise provides members up to 2 consultations each year with an expert second medical opinion. This can give you the peace of mind that the diagnosis and treatment plan are accurate.

If you have The Exeter health insurance or income protection policy you’ll also get access to:

  1. Physiotherapy

For those suffering with any musculoskeletal problems, HealthWise provides up to 6 video consultations each year with a fully qualified physiotherapist. This means you can get an accurate diagnosis and exercises to help you get better.

  1. Mental health support

When you’re struggling with mental health, talking about it can be incredibly helpful to make sense of and manage difficult experiences. HealthWise provides up to 6 phone or video consultations each year with a qualified counsellor. Helping to provide new coping strategies and enabling you to get your life back on track.

If you have The Exeter life cover policy, in addition to the GP on demand and Second medical opinion service, you will also have access to the below:

  1. Lifestyle coaching (up to 6 consultations each year)

Many factors can influence our wellbeing, whether it be work, diet, stress, habits and exercise. That’s the reason why a good life coach can be really important. HealthWise provides up to 6 consultations each year with a qualified life coach. They can provide tips and tactics to help you stay on top form.

  1. Nutritional advice (up to 6 consultations each year)

A healthy diet can help us all feel better and look good, but knowing how can sometimes cause confusion. HealthWise helps by providing up to 6 one-to-one consultations with a nutritionist each year. They can provide you the necessary nutrition tips, tools and support so that you can optimise your health and well-being.

How do I access HealthWise?

HealthWise can be accessed by downloading the app for free either via the App Store or Google Play.

To activate your HealthWise account you will need to have your policy details available so that when the app has been downloaded to your device you can register by following the instructions provided on screen.

HealthWise and all member benefits provided by The Exeter don’t form part of any policy, so could change over time.

Many of the private medical insurance providers are offering apps for their members due to the speed and convenience that they offer in both advice and treatment. The benefits available from each provider may differ however, they all aim to allow members to manage their health and access their policy via the app. If you would like to know more about The Exeter’s HealthWise app, their products or any other Private Medical Insurers and the apps they have to offer, please contact us on 01245 929129 or email enquires@smphealthcare.com.

Information sourced from: https://www.the-exeter.com/member-benefits.html