7 Reasons why you SHOULD use an independent Broker

Are you looking to buy a Health Insurance policy or is your policy is coming up for renewal? Working with a specialised independent broker can really help you. There are a number of reasons why you should use an independent insurance broker who is trustworthy, ethical and approachable.

An Independent broker has knowledge of different Insurers

An independent health insurance broker can help when you are looking to purchase or renew your Health Insurance policy. They can provide you with extensive knowledge of benefits, underwriting and terms & conditions on a multitude of plans. They can work with you to ensure you purchase the right policy suited to your specific needs, importantly helping you to save time and money.

Impartiality of an independent broker

Independent Health Insurance Brokers are not biased towards any particular insurer. This allows them to select the best policy for you at all times.  Whether you are looking at Private Medical Insurance, Cash Plans, Dental Insurance or Employee Assistance Programmes, an independent broker can help you to make an informed decision.

You can build a relationship with your broker

A broker works for you as their client with an aim to build long-term working relationship with you.  By working closely with you to get a good understanding of what you want from your Health Insurance policy this will enable your broker to provide you with the right options, year after year.

Your broker can offer you a single point of contact

By finding an independent broker who offers you a single point of contact this removes the frustration of dealing with large and impersonal call centres. You know that the person you speak to is familiar with your own policy and any relevant medical history. Importantly this saves you repeating the same thing time and time again.

Help when you have a problem with a claim

Your Broker should be able to offer you help if you experience issues when making a claim. They are also on hand to guide you effectively through the claims process. Making it as simple and stress-free as possible can make a real difference especially when you are feeling unwell. Although you will need to make any claims directly with your insurer, your independent broker can help you in the unusual occurrence that your claim is declined. To clarify, there is no guarantee they will be able to change the decision made by the insurer. Where there is simply a miscommunication however, then sometimes your insurer will agree to review the original decision.

Explaining your health insurance cover in simple terms

Your broker should be communicating in layman’s terms to help you to understand the  the terms and conditions of your policy. If there is any jargon you don’t understand, your broker can make it clear and explain how it will affect your cover.

Your Independent Broker can compare the market at your policy renewal

Independent brokers will have access to a variety of health insurance providers. They will use their expertise on your behalf, providing you with a full market review. Whether you are buying a new policy or renewing your current policy they can source the best product suited for your requirements. Because they are an independent broker, this means the recommendation will be without doubt an unbiased one.

Are you looking for an independent broker who delivers solutions that best match your particular needs and budget?  We can provide professional guidance on a wide range of Health Insurance policies. Regardless of  whether you are looking to purchase a policy for the first time or considering a change of insurer at renewal, our team can help.

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