Shortfall and Excess Insurance

Medex Protect offer a specialised, low cost insurance product which offers cover for your excess and shortfalls in payment from your Private Medical Insurance provider. This is available to company health insurance schemes.

By increasing the excess on your Private Medical Insurance you can reduce your premiums.  You can then take a policy from Medex Protect that will cover the excess and shortfalls up to the plan benefit level chosen.

Medex Protect offer 3 levels of company plan:

  • 150 Plan; covering £150 excess and £150 shortfall
  • 250 Plan; covering £250 excess and £250 shortfall
  • 500 Plan; covering £500 excess and £500 shortfall

What is an excess on your private medical insurance?

The excess is the amount you have agreed to pay when a claim is made. The majority of insurers offer this on a per person per year basis although some policies do have the excess payable per claim.

What is a shortfall on your private medical insurance?

Shortfalls arise when there is a difference between the agreed fee guideline from your provider and the amount charged by the consultants and hospital facility for your treatment.

Making a Claim on your Excess and Shortfall Insurance.

To make a claim you will need to complete a claim form for Medex Protect. They will require confirmation of the treatment in detail and confirmation as to whether the payment is being made to the hospital or treatment facility directly or whether the payment is to be made to you.

Medex Protect will require confirmation from your insurance provider that an excess or shortfall has occurred.

You must register your claim within the given timescales.

At SMP Healthcare Ltd we are more than happy to help you with Shortfall and Excess insurance from Medex Protect (available to individual clients also) and show you how you can save money by implementing a policy of this type. Please contact us on 01245 929129 or email us  for further details and information.