Cancer Screening from Healthshield


Healthshield have launched their new range of workplace health assessments  available to employers throughout the UK. There are 6 levels of screening available on an affordable pricing matrix. The health screening service from Healthshield is designed to encourage employees to take an active interest in their own health.

The arrangement of the workplace screening for staff could not be simpler as they take care of everything from contacting employees to managing appointments from their online booking system. At the end of the screening session, each employee will be provided with an individual report and personal advice to help them make positive lifestyle changes.

Staff members do not have to travel to and from hospitals and clinics as Healthshield take the health screening service into the workplace and turn a private space into a temporary clinic. They use the latest technology to provide results there and then.

Cancer screening options

If you want to add the Laboratory blood tests (blood sample is sent away to a laboratory) to the workplace health screen option you have taken,  this can be done if you have screening levels 3,4,5 or 6 at an additional cost of £100 per person.

These tests relate to Ferritin, Liver, Kidney, Thyroid, Prostate, Ovarian and Bowel cancer.

Mix and Match your Screening Options

If you want to arrange screening for your staff but want different levels of screening for different category of employee, Healthshield are able to offer this flexibility and will work with you to agree timings and offer support to promote this service to your workforce.


The cost of the Healthshield workplace screening begins at £35 per person for their level 1 option up to £300 per person for a level 6 health screen. The price reflects the number of tests and screening procedures completed within the session. There is a minimum overall screen value applicable which is currently £600 per day for on-site visits.

There is no VAT or IPT applicable to the screening costs.

Information sourced from Healthshield document reference SCREENINGPS/JANUARY2017

If you are looking to invest in your staff’s well-being and would like to find out more about the options of Health screening in the workplace then please contact us at SMP Healthcare and we will happily explain to you about the different levels of screening available. Our contact telephone number is 01245 929129 or email us at