Cheaper Health Insurance in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Do you want to find cheaper Health Insurance? If you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland then the Aviva Signature list can help you lower your costs. The Aviva Signature hospital list offers you a significant premium reduction if you live in these areas. The Signature hospital list is available to personal and business Health Insurance plans.

The Signature hospital list provides cover in private hospitals in Scotland and Northern Ireland. It also offers you the facility to use NHS-Pay beds in hospitals in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

You can download the current Aviva hospital list from the following link:

The AVIVA Solutions (company) and Healthier Solutions (Individual) policies are modular. Therefore you have many options control the cost of your Private Medical Insurance depending ou your own requirements. The Signature hospital list is available to both individual and company Private Medical Insurance policies.

As with any Private Medical Insurance policy you should always pre-authorise your treatment. When you call the claims team they will confirm that the hospital is recognised by the insurer for the type of treatment you require. They will also let you know whether your condition is eligible for treatment.

Aviva policies are including treatment pathways and networks. These are designed to make it much easier for members to obtain the right treatment more easily.

Cost containment Options from Aviva helping you to get cheaper health insurance include:

  • A range of hospital lists (including Signature)
  • Different excess levels
  • Reduced Out-patient cover
  • Removal of cover for psychiatric claims
  • NHS 6 week wait

If you live/work in Scotland or Northern Ireland and would like to discuss your renewal or you are considering taking out a new Private Medical Insurance policy then please contact us either by email , by telephone 0800 047 0127/ 01245 929129 or by completing one of our online Private Medical Insurance quotation forms. Our expert and knowledgeable staff will be able to guide you through the options available to from AVIVA and many other Health Insurance providers.