Cigna’s Group Dental Insurance Plans

What is a Cigna Group Dental Insurance plan?

The Cigna Dental plans offered to businesses can help your employees manage their dental expenses.  This in turn can lead to a reduction in employee absences due to dental pain and help promote the importance of looking after their teeth and gums. Buying a Group Dental Insurance plan is a low cost yet great value employee benefit.

What Group Dental Insurance Plans are available from Cigna?

There are two Cigna Dental plans to choose from:

– DentaCare; &

– OralHealth

Both plans provide a choice of treatment levels and funding options to suit a variety of needs.

How do the Cigna Dental Plans work?

The DentaCare levels of cover each have a core annual maximum benefit. Within this Cigna will reimburse up to a set limit for the different treatment items detailed in their list of benefits. The following annual limitations apply:

– Two examinations

– Two scale & polishes

– Four x-rays

– Six sextants of periodontal treatment.

The OralHealth plans have a 20% co-insurance on minor and major treatments. There are five levels to choose from, all with varying levels of reimbursement towards preventative, minor and major treatment. The OralHealth plans also help make contributions towards unexpected oral health problems including:

– Dental emergencies

– Accidental damage

– Hospital stays for oral surgery

– Oral cancer

– Dental implant benefit on Levels 2, 3, 4 and 5

Additional Values of Cigna Dental Plans

Cigna DentaCare plans require no pre-joining examination.

Another additional value that all Cigna Dental plans offer is their Healthy Discounts. Healthy Discounts can be offered to your employees and can save 20 percent on all dental treatment costs at a Healthy Discounts dentist, which means a saving of 20 percent less than on the dentist’s published private fees.

Buying your Group Dental Insurance through SMP Healthcare Ltd

Whether you are an individual looking to cover your family, or a company looking to provide cover for your employees, SMP Healthcare Ltd can provide you with advice on products from a number of insurance providers, including Cigna and are happy to help you, simply contact us on 01245 929129 or email

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