A closer look at Reflexology

Reflexology has been used for many thousands of years. It involves a method of massage to reflex areas of the feet and hands although the feet are more commonly used.  A reflexologist cannot give a medical diagnosis but by having the whole body represented in the feet by way of reflex areas, this method offers a means of treating the body as a whole.

The British Reflexology Association (B.R.A) was founded in 1985. It acts as a representative body for persons practicing methods of Reflexology as a profession and for students who are training in this method of complementary medicine.

Members of B.R.A are entitled to join the Complementary and Natural Healthcare register (CNHC). The CNHC are the UK’s voluntary regulator for complementary healthcare practitioners. This was set up with the support of the government. This body is designed to protect the public by providing a UK voluntary register of complementary therapists.

Although rarely covered on Private Medical Insurance policies, Cash Plans often recognise Reflexology as a complimentary medicine. If you have chosen to include wellbeing benefits then you can claim cash back for your treatment. You must always ensure that your therapist is accredited with the necessary governing body. This is a requirement of your insurance provider. Checking the accreditation of your therapist can prevent you having issues when you make your claim.

Reflexology can be used to help to treat many medical conditions including:

  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Chronic Illness
  • Digestive disorders
  • Migraine

About the Reflexology Treatment:

The B.R.A. website confirms what you should expect from your reflexology treatment and how long it should last.


As a cost guideline, a treatment can vary in price from £25-£50 for a 60 minute session. The cost will depend on location and the experience and qualifications of your therapist.

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