Cigna offer CompanyHealth cover

If your business employs 100 or more staff then Cigna are able to offer the comprehensive business cover called CompanyHealth. CompanyHealth cover is available in the corporate healthcare market, it is not avialable for SME’s.

What is CompanyHealth cover from Cigna?

CompanyHealth cover from Cigna is a comprehensive health insurance policy that offers you a number of benefit options to choose from.

CompanyHealth provides your business with the following options :

  • Choose the cancer, cardiac and mental health cover to meet your needs
  • Select from additional health plan cover options such as NHS cash and maternity cash
  • Get access to all private hospitals and a full choice of consultants in the UK
  • Manage costs with excess and coinsurance options
  • Choose the level of administrative support you need with our client management options

Underwriting options available for Cigna CompanyHealth plans include:

Full Medical Underwriting:

If you are new to the health insurance market, this is the standard underwriting available to you.

Moratorium Underwriting:

You can choose moratorium underwriting if you are new to the market or transferring from another provider.

Continued Previous Medical Exclusions:

Cigna will accept the underwriting terms applied by your current insurer providing the previous membership certificates are available.

Medical History Disregarded:

If you currently have medical history disregarded underwriting Cigna will consider a transfer on this basis. This is not guaranteed and is reviewed on a case by case basis.

Cigna also offer plans for business such as:

  • EssentialHealth
  • SmartHealth
  • YourHealth
  • Health Flex (2 – 99 employees)
  • DentaCare (Dental cover)
  • OralHealth (Dental cover)

Although Cigna may not be your first thought when it comes to corporate health insurance, you may be pleasantly surprised for so many reasons. Cigna have been working in the UK health insurance market for over 35 years and provide a completely customer focused policy.

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