The cost effectiveness of the ‘inSpire’ Private Medical Insurance policy


If you are looking for Private Medical Insurance that offers a full cover plan for a low-cost premium, you may want to consider the unique ‘inSpire’ plan offered by APRIL UK.


APRIL UK is part of the APRIL Group, a global insurance provider that serves 6 million customers across 34 countries.

April UK offer two health insurance products, one being their unique policy known as ‘inSpire’, which through a formed partnership with Spire Healthcare, offers quality medical care for a competitively priced premium at Spire Hospitals throughout the UK, for both individual and company schemes.

As APRIL UK are Spire Healthcare’s chosen health insurance partner, they benefit from discounted hospital charges, which they pass onto their customers in the form of reduced premiums, which is why the premiums are so reasonable when compared against the other full cover plans on the market.

About Spire Healthcare

Spire Healthcare is a leading provider of private healthcare, with 38 private hospitals throughout the UK.

Spire Healthcare work with some of the country’s most experienced consultant, surgeons and other specialists to deliver tailored, personalised care to their patients.

Spire Healthcare is built on a proud heritage of over 25 years experience of running successful private hospitals and has earned a reputation as a leader in its field.

What is covered under their ‘inSpire’ plan?

The ‘inSpire’ plan is advertised as a comprehensive healthcare plan, which provides full cover if you are admitted into a Spire hospital for all eligible in-patient and day-patient costs including:

  • Hospital accommodation and nursing care
  • Prescribed drugs and dressings
  • Operating theatre fees
  • Radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  • Consultations, radiology, pathology
  • Diagnostic tests including MRI/CT/PET scans
  • Physiotherapy
  • Surgeons, physicians and anaesthetists fees
  • Oral surgery (non-dental)
  • Parent accommodation; &
  • Prosthesis

Cover for eligible out-patient consultations, pathology, x-rays. diagnostic tests, MRI/CT/PET scans are also paid in full, with out-patient Physiotherapy limited to £500 per policy year.

Cancer Cover

The ‘inSpire’ product provides an extensive Cancer Cover, with access to specialist drugs such as Herceptin (breast cancer) and Avastin (bowel, kidney and colon cancer), which might not be available to you on the NHS.

This information has been sourced from April UK.

If you would like further information on APRIL UK’s ‘inSpire’ plan or any other Health Insurance product, please contact us on 01245 929 129 or email us at Alternatively, you can complete our online personal or company cover quote form and we’ll be happy to obtain a quotation on your behalf.