Cover for 5 health insurance procedures usually excluded by Private Medical Insurance


Private Medical Insurance does not typically provide cover for ‘lifestyle’ surgery, or conditions that are not classed as acute. However, Vitality Health, one of the UK’s leading and most innovative private medical insurers on the market, offer their members cover for 5 lifestyle procedures, under their Lifestyle Surgery benefit, providing eligibility and age criteria’s can be met.

What procedures are covered?

– Gastric Banding

– Gastric Bypass

– Removal of port wine birthmarks on the face

– Ear Reshaping (Pinnaplasty)

– Breast reduction including treatment for excessive male breast tissue (gynaecomastia)

However, for each of the above procedures covered, there are set eligibility and age criteria’s and policyholders will only be eligible for the above procedures where a consultant has said the procedure is clinically necessary and appropriate and meets the specific eligibility and age criteria set for the particular procedure.

The Lifestyle Surgery benefits will not be available if carried out by anyone other than a consultant arranged by a consultant group nominated by Vitality Health.

Will you have to contribute to the cost of the procedure?

For the above procedures covered by their Lifestyle Surgery benefit, members will be required to make a contribution towards the cost of treatment of 25% of the package price agreed by the consultant group. This includes the initial consultation fee. The package price will include all in-patient charges, surgeon’s and anaesthetist’s fees and clinically necessary follow-up appointments with the consultant and, if necessary, a dietician. You will be provided with details of the package price on application to the consultant group.

If your policy has an excess, the excess does not apply the Lifestyle Surgery benefit.

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