Diagnostic Test Cover Options when a Reduced Out-patient benefit is selected

When you look at ways to reduce your Health Insurance premiums one option is reducing your out-patient cover level. This option can offer a substantial saving on your premium. You may not realise however, how this will affect the cover you have available for out-patient diagnostic tests.

Out-Patient diagnostic tests via your Health Insurance policy

Typically, most insurance policies will cover eligible out-patient CT, MRI & PET scans regardless of the level of out-patient cover selected. These are all classed as high cost diagnostic tests. There are several other tests that GP’s/consultants can request in order to analyse or detect a disease or medical condition.  When a reduced out-patient policy has been selected insurers operate in two ways when it comes to cover for these other tests.

Separate Provision for out-patient diagnostic test Cover

Insurers who offer this option will provide a no yearly limit on eligible diagnostic tests like x-rays, ultrasounds, blood tests etc. This gives you as the policy holder peace of mind knowing you have unlimited cover for those costly, yet important diagnostic tests.

Diagnostic test cover within a combined out-patient limit

Insurers who offer this method will include cover for out-patient diagnostic tests within the combined overall out-patient limit chosen. This means that your monetary limit will include other out-patient components.  Consultations with a specialist and therapies would be classed as out-patient treatment.

If you choose this option then you could easily reach your out-patient benefit limit when you claim. Diagnostic tests can be very expensive and if your consultant requires a number of them to be done, you may end up having to self-fund some of them.

Every Private Medical Insurance policy is different. When you are looking to buy a policy, SMP Healthcare Ltd can help you compare the different health insurance policies available. We can help you to find one that offers the right policy benefits including diagnostic test cover.

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