Doctor@Hand GP services

If you hold a private medical insurance policy with AXA Health, you will have access to Doctor@Hand. This is specialist GP Service from Doctor Care Anywhere who are a leading provider of innovative Health care services. The service provided to you by Doctor@Hand can save you time in waiting for a GP appointment.

What is Doctor@Hand?

Doctor@Hand is an alternative way of seeing a GP. It is an online service where your appointment is held by video or telephone consultation. This is an easy way for you to talk about any medical condition or concern at a suitable time with an experienced doctor. This service is available on both business and consumer policies from AXA Health.

How do I book an appointment with Doctor@Hand?

You can book a video or telephone appointment at any time online, or via the Doctor Care Anywhere app. Appointments are available 24/7, 365 days of the year. Appointment times are flexible however they are subject to availability and the Doctor Care Anywhere fair usage policy applies.

Which GP will I see?

All Doctor@Hand GP’s are registered with the General Medical Council and you can select which registered GP you would like to see.

Benefits of using Doctor@Hand with AXA Health

Doctor@Hand GP’s are able to discuss you medical condition with you and recommend treatment. They can prescribe medication which can be delivered to your home or your local pharmacy. The cost of your private prescription should be no more than the cost of an NHS prescription. If you would like a record of your conversation with the GP, a copy of your notes can be provided. You can also request that a copy is sent to your NHS GP to ensure your medical records remain complete.

For employees on an AXA Health Business Health policy, there are unlimited access to appointments. Please remember however that this is still subject to the fair use policy in place.

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Would you like to have more information about Doctor@Hand?  Please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you further. Our team can also let you know about may other providers and services in the Health Insurance sector.  

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