Five ways to get fit this New Year

Vitality Health are one of the UK’s leading private medical insurers. They make it easier for you to get fit and healthy by rewarding you to keep you motivated. Vitality do this through a range of discounts and incentives. See below 5 ways that to get fit this New Year.

Here are 5 ways Vitality Health policyholders can get fit this New Year:

  1. Lose weight with WW – Vitality Health policyholders have access to discounted WW membership. WW is a global name in weight loss and by joining and losing weight, this will help you to achieve your fitness goals for the future.
  2. Start running – They offers you discounted rates for sports shoes. This helps to ensure you have the right footwear so you can enjoy the benefits of physical activity to the full.
  3. Join a fitness class – Group exercise is one of the most fun and motivating ways to get fit. and Vitality Health offer discounted monthly gym membership fees with different gym networks throughout the UK. Wherever you live in the country, you will have access to a discounted gym close to your home or work.
  4. Have a health check-up – A health check can help you to make an informed decision about your health. Policyholders can have an annual health check or health assessment through their current partners.
  5. Track your progress with a fitness tracker – Vitality Health offer policyholder’s discounts on a number of fitness trackers. With Apple watches and Garmin available, they are a great motivational tool to keep you on target.

As well as the above incentives to get fit, Vitality Health also offer other rewards that you can treat yourself to when you reach your fitness goals.  From cinema ticket’s, free coffee and spa breaks at the leading spa resort Champneys, you can reward yourself for your efforts to get fit.

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