Great benefits of workplace health screening

As business owners and managers we know how important it is to invest in the health of our workforce, they are the company’s most valuable asset. Ensuring your staff feel valued and cared for is a key element in retaining a happy and productive workforce. Workplace Health Screening can be a cost effective option when it comes to health and wellbeing in the workplace

Healthshield who are one of the UK’s leading cash plan providers have introduced a new range of workplace health screening options which are designed to encourage employees to take an active interest in their own health and support them with any positive life changes that they make.

*What are the Key Benefits of Workplace Health Screening?

  • Helps organisations of all shapes and sizes to proactively reduce absence and improve employee well-being
  • Provides employees with peace of mind and encourages them to take an active interest in their well-being
  • Helps organisations with their duty of care. Healthy employees lead to increased motivation and productivity
  • Can ease those health worries that cause sleepless nights and distract employees at work

Within the screening even at the basic level, they can detect problems such as high cholesterol and hypertension, they can then provide preventative advice to the employee to enable them to help stop the issues from getting worse.

In the highest level screening option they will provide tests such as ECG’s, blood gout tests and CRP Tests (inflammation of the joints/arthritis).

Can you include Laboratory blood tests for cancer?

If as a business you would also like to extend the screening to include laboratory blood tests for things such as liver, kidney and bowel cancer (list not exhaustive) this is available if the members are on level 3 or higher.

There are 6 levels of cover available ranging from £35 to £300 and the length of the screening runs from 20 minutes to 90 minutes respectively. Healthshield are able to offer the flexibility to enable you to mix and match the screening levels for your employees.

*benefits as shown on the Healthshield literature reference SCREENINGPS/JANUARY2017

There is a minimum level of spend for the on-site Healthshield Workplace Health Screening and if your business is looking for a health screening solutions, SMP Healthcare Ltd would be happy to provide the necessary information to arrange for the screening to take place. You can contact us on 01245 929129 or by email

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