Great peace of mind for those suffering with addiction

Mental health is a real buzz word across the globe and addiction is a major factor for many people. We congratulate Bupa for including addiction into their mental health cover.

Innovative thinking that could save countless lives. We believe this is a brilliant move from one of the major health insurance providers in the UK.

The new Bupa marketing campaign is a fantastic, empathetic video that is certainly would looking at:

It does leave the question however, will the other insurance companies follow suite?

We really hope that other providers in the UK will remove the addictions exclusion from their mental health benefit. As an independent health insurance broker, we believe this would really make a difference.

People suffering with addiction deserve a helping hand in getting their lives back on track. We don’t believe people choose to become an addict, but it does happen and it could happen to anyone.

Is mental health caused by addiction?

Addiction can arise as a result of a mental health condition. Addiction can also be the cause of a mental health condition. Each person’s circumstances are unique. When people start using drugs, alcohol or prescription medication to cope and to try and resolve physical and emotional symptoms an addiction can begin.

Bupa’s mental health insurance now covers you for any addiction. They will cover you for a period of rehab to help you recover from your dependency.

Terms and conditions do apply and Bupa will fund one addiction treatment programme per membership lifetime.

Pre-existing mental health conditions

If you have a pre-existing mental health condition this may be excluded from cover. We are able to discuss your condition with Bupa. Depending on your own specific circumstances it is possible they will consider covering it. Let us help you and have that conversation.

At SMP Healthcare we work with the majority of UK health insurance providers and we would be delighted to help you find a policy that is right for you and your family. If you would like to look at Bupa health insurance in more detail, our experienced team will be happy to assist. We can also provide a full market review with insurance companies from our panel of providers.

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