Have you got an EAP for your staff?

When it comes to employee benefits, not every business can afford to invest in a whole suite of policies. So where do you start and what options could you consider? An EAP could be a really great, low cost solution.

You could look at a number of different cover options for your staff including:

With mental health problems becoming more common in the workplace with a huge 70 million workdays being lost in the UK each year, having a good employee assistance programme (EAP) could help you as an employer to avoid experiencing staff absence due to mental health issues.

For in-depth information relating to mental health in the workplace please visit https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/our-work/mental-health-workplace

What is an Employee Assistance Programme or EAP?

An EAP is a low cost policy offering valuable mental health assistance to staff. Offering 24/7 telephone counselling and more frequently online counselling too, this is a basic standard you can look forward to implementing. Your policy could also offer:

  • Face to Face counselling
  • Guidance for staff in relation to family issues or debt management
  • Help with legal issues and consumer rights
  • Support for your line managers when dealing with unusual workplace situations
  • Critical incident management
  • Long-term workplace support

Even for a small workforce, implementing an EAP could really make a big difference.

Can my private medical insurance provider offer an EAP?

If you have a business private medical insurance policy then you may have access to an EAP as an additional benefit. Please check however, if you have mental health cover and your scheme already includes a 24/7 helpline, the addition of an EAP may be unnecessary.

When you start looking at the employee benefits that you want to implement for your staff, let our experienced and knowledgeable team at SMP Healthcare help you decide on the best options available for your budget.

Not every business can afford to buy health insurance for their whole team but an EAP could really help your staff cope with the difficulties that life (home or work) may throw at them.

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