Health Assessments from Nuffield Health

If you are looking for a provider of health assessments, Nuffield Health offer screening throughout the UK. There are four options to choose from Lifestyle, Female, 360 and 360+.

What is a health assessment?

A health assessment (sometimes referred to as Health screening) is an in-depth health check carried out by a qualified GP or health and wellbeing physiologist.

By carrying out a range of lifestyle, medical and non-invasive tests they will be able to identify your specific needs. The range of tests and the time it takes to complete will depend on the level of assessment you choose.

After the assessment you will be given practical advice. This will enable you to make positive lifestyle changes which can improve your risk of developing medical conditions. You can help to protect yourself from future health issues.

Why should you consider a health assessment from Nuffield Health?

There are many different reasons for considering a health assessment. The benefits of having a health assessment from Nuffield Health include:

  • Quality time with an experienced GP or health and wellbeing physiologist including lifestyle coaching.
  • Results available straight away with time to review them during your assessment.
  • Receive a personalised report with your test results and next steps.
  • Get a free one-month gym membership at one of the Nuffield Health gyms nationwide. Helping to start you on your road to improved health.
  • Get reassurance if you’re worried about conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or some cancers.
  • Quick and easy referrals, if we need to refer you for further support from other specialists.

If any serious health issues are found, they will quickly and easily refer you to the relevant health experts. You can then obtain the treatment and support you need. You’ll get advice tailored just for you, all clearly explained in a personalised report.

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Nuffield health is not the only option you have. SMP Healthcare Ltd can help you find a screening provider that would suit your own requirements.

Please contact us on 01245 929129 or via email for more information.