Health for You from AXA Health

Are you looking for Personal Health Insurance? Let us tell you about the simple and low-cost Private Medical Insurance plan Health For You,  from AXA Health.

Health For You is ideal if you are looking to keep your monthly premiums for Private Medical Insurance low. The Health For You plan is able to offer low premiums by offering a reduced hospital list. The hospitals available under this plan have been carefully selected. They will still offer you access to quality care and services nationwide at over 140 hospitals.

Health Insurance benefits within the Health For You Core cover:

  • In-patient and day-patient treatment
  • Out-patient surgery
  • NHS Cash Benefit (£50 per night, up to £2,000 per year)
  • Ambulance transport
  • Unlimited video or telephone consultations with AXA Doctor at Hand (online private GP service)
  • Comprehensive Cancer Cover (Eligibility for this benefit is subject to Medical History)

If you are unable to satisfy the eligibility criteria for the Comprehensive Cancer Cover benefit,  the Health For You plan can still provide some level of support in relation to Cancer via their NHS Cancer Support option. Although this option doesn’t pay for the treatment of cancer, it will importantly pay for licensed cancer drugs and the cost of the drug to be given when the NHS are unable to fund them.

The NHS Cancer Support option is also available to those wanting to reduce the cost of the Core cover and are happy to use the NHS for cancer treatment.

Modular benefits on the Health For You personal Health Insurance:

Out-patient options:

– Standard Out-patient

– Full Out-patient

  • Therapies: Such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, homeopaths, osteopaths or chiropractors
  • Mental Health: 30 days combined cover for treatment as an in-patient or day-patient & £1,000 towards treatment as an out-patient
  • Dentist and Optician Cashback Option
  • Private GP Cover Option: Up to £500 a year for fees for visits to a private GP for consultations
  • European or Worldwide cover
  • Protected No Claims Discount

    As well as the modular benefits listed above the Health For You plan offers other benefits to help manage the cost of your premiums, such benefits include:

  • Excess options: £100, £250, £500, £1,000, £2,500, £5,000 (please note, excesses above £500 are not available when the Standard Out-patient Option has been selected)
  • Paying Annually: A 5% discount is available when paying for your plan on an annual basis
  • Opting for the NHS Cancer Support Option

When signing up to a Health For You plan there are two underwriting methods available to new joiners. These are known as either Moratorium underwriting or Full Medical Underwriting. For more information on these underwriting methods please refer to our blog below:

Understanding Health Insurance Underwriting

Important Note: There are also specified conditions that will automatically be excluded from cover under the Health For You plan if you select the Moratorium underwriting option and already have diabetes, raised blood pressure or have had any investigations treatment or monitoring after a PSA test.

For those that already have a Private Medical Insurance policy in place you can look to switch to AXA’ s Health For You plan and may be able to switch with no further medical exclusions applied, providing you can answer a few medical questions favourably.

How to get a quote for your Private Medical Insurance

If you would like a quotation on the Health For You plan offered by AXA Health, the team at SMP Healthcare can assist you with this. We will discuss your requirements to gain a clear understanding of what you are wanting from a Personal Health Insurance plan. This will ensure that we obtain accurate quotations from a number of providers that suit both your circumstances and budget. You can reach us by calling us on 01245 929 129 or you can email us at