Health insurance developments for 2020

At SMP Healthcare we have seen a lot of changes in the health insurance market over the last few years. So what will be the new health insurance developments for 2020?

Without giving away our age, a couple of us in the office just may have been working in the health insurance sector for a number of years. We can see that the advancement in technology is certainly playing a significant part in the development of our industry.

Digital technology

With high tech apps making the access to health advice and GP appointments even easier. We wonder what the next 10 years will bring us.

The Bupa Babylon app and the Vitality Health “Vitality GP” are two really successful examples of how the digital world is changing the private medical insurance options for the future. AXA PPP offer Doctor@hand and most other providers offer their own variation. Including access to primary care is a revolution for health insurance.

Many people have queried the affect that Brexit will have on our NHS service. In honesty I guess we will have to wait and see. Although the UK health insurance providers are working hard to ensure that their clients have easy access to the private healthcare system.

The online options for member services from all of the health insurers in the UK market is really increasing. The member portals are no longer clunky and difficult to use, they are becoming more streamlined and flexible for all users.

Mental Health

With mental health issues increasing in today’s society, there are certainly some break through options available. We have seen Bupa remove the exclusions for addiction from their health insurance cover. Drug and alcohol dependency was historically part of the general exclusions from all insurance providers.  So will this stance now be introduced across the board?

Mobile phone apps such as Calm, Big White Wall and Talkspace are all making it easier to obtain immediate help with issues such as stress and anxiety.

Health screening

Health screening options are also increasing in availability and variety. If you want a full human MOT it is available to you. If you are only concerned about cancer then you can access targeted screening of this type too.

Healthshield are one of the larger cash plan providers. They can offer great workplace screening at a low cost giving employees easy access to health assessments. After all, employees are the core of any business and looking after their health should be a priority.

Screening can help detect unknown issues ensuring a quicker diagnosis for conditions that may have been undetected for years.

The team at SMP Healthcare are looking forward to embracing the next decade and the changes in the market that may be to come. With so many new and exciting developments in the health insurance market we look forward to helping our clients old and new to access the best that private medical insurance can offer.

If you would like help with the renewal of your current health insurance policy or are new to the market and would like to know what cover is available for you, your family or your business then we will be delighted to help you.

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