Health Insurance for Seniors in the UK

When you are trying to compare Health Insurance options for seniors in the UK, where do you start? At SMP Healthcare we know that many people don’t want to ring a call centre. Not everyone is happy to be a silver surfer nor are they confident in online comparison websites. The younger generation have grown up with modern technology, some of us have not.

How SMP Healthcare can help you search for health insurance for seniors:

As a specialist broker, we have many years experience in the health insurance market. We still love to speak to our clients and no, you won’t be too much trouble. We like to spend time talking with you and listening to what you want. This way, we know we will find you some great options for your health insurance. It really does not matter how many questions you have – ask away, we want our client’s to be confident in the policy that they buy.

Do you want a broker who can help you with the online stuff? Why miss out on discounts such as the Aviva MyHealth Counts option. We do have the time to help you and we think that if there is a discount available then you should have it – regardless of your age.  We provide our clients with a full market review EVERY year. Just because you are getting older does not mean your choice should be limited.  Our market review is based on your requirements and is explained without jargon. If you are soon to retire and want to work with an experienced broker, SMP Healthcare could really help you find the right solutions.

What are you looking for in your health insurance as you get older?

Just because you are getting older, this doesn’t mean you automatically have bad health. Yes, the risk of poor health will increase as you pass 60’s, 70’s and into your 80’s but you may still be fit and active. Don’t be palmed off with a basic policy if you want the bells and whistles included. In reverse of this statement, don’t pay for cover that you will never use either. Health insurance for seniors in the UK is modular in the main. Exactly the same as for as for teenagers, young adults and middle aged people. After all, why on earth should it be any different?

Getting old should not be viewed as an illness in itself. Think about the health insurance that you want and we will do whatever we can to find you a policy based on your requirements.

Are your health insurance options limited when you are over 65?

Absolutely not and why should they be? If you have had health insurance for many years you can still carry on as you get older. If you are new to private medical insurance then there may be some insurers who cannot offer a new policy for someone over 74. This is not the case for all insurers. You may be limited if you have extensive pre-existing conditions and you may then consider whether a new health insurance policy is a good way to spend your money. We would not want you to buy a policy that you cannot use. This is not an age related scenario. Exclusions for pre-existing conditions would occur for teenagers too, it is not just something that affects health insurance for seniors.

Will the cost of your policy increase as you get older?

The honest answer to this is yes, your renewal offer will increase year on year. There are other factors that may affect the increase too such as medical inflation, and claims related adjustments. If you move house, this could also change the base rate quoted. Most insurers consider where you live as a factor in the premium you pay. If you live in Scotland then your premium is likely to be cheaper that if you live in Central London.

Now we cannot guarantee our clients that we will be able to get them a discount every year. Believe us when we tell you that if there is a discount available we will do everything we can to get it for you. Our annual review helps us to negotiate with insurers to get the best premium possible. Our experience within the market helps us to guide you to the right provider.

There are a number of cost saving options that you can introduce for your policy.  You could increase your excess? Maybe change your hospital list? How about self funding out-patient therapies? These little changes can make a big difference especially as you are getting older.

Are you too old to change your insurance provider?

In our opinion you are never too old. If switching insurer will not jeopardise your cover in any way and you can save money then go for it. We would provide you with a full comparison between the two policy options. You can always make your decision based on the facts. Saving money is a brilliant idea but we only want to do this if the alternative policy is what you want. There is no point in changing provider if there is no real gain in benefits or saving in premium.

Avoiding the NHS Waiting Lists.

2020 has been a difficult year for people of all ages. Even people with private medical insurance had a period of time in the first lock-down where non-urgent treatment was not available even as a private patient. With news that the NHS Waiting lists are increasing to the worst levels for many years, many people are holding on to their health insurance where they can. Private medical Insurance can help you to avoid lengthy waits for consultant appointments and diagnostic testing. This is a really important element of health insurance for seniors. After all, a quick diagnosis can help you step on to your road to recovery.

If you would like to work with a Health Insurance broker that really does care about their clients, please get in touch. Our team will be delighted to help you find a great policy. We will work for you from the first call and our advice is unbiased. We are not affiliated to any insurer.

SMP Healthcare is a member of both The Association of medical Insurers and Intermediaries (AMII) and The British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA). You can therefore be confident in using us as your specialist health insurance broker.

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