HealthCover4Life from The PHC

The Permanent Health Company (PHC) are one of the smaller providers of healthcare insurance in the UK market. They are now a member of the Global AXA group and their health insurance policies are underwritten wholly by AXA Health. The PHC provide business and corporate clients access to the HealthCover4Life policies. They really do offer you excellent levels of customer service and expert assistance as a client. They are also keen to take away the hassle for members when it comes to making claim. The PHC are a flexible provider of healthcare insurance.

What benefits are available on the HealthCover4Life plans from The PHC?

There are four plan levels available, Plan 1, 2, 3 and 4 with the options of removing cover for mental health claims.  You can also choose to add the NHS 6 week wait option to save money on your premium.

All plans offer your staff core in-patient and day-patients treatment.  The level of out-patients cover you want will dictate the Plan choice you make.

You can add a policy excess to your plan which is also a way to reduce the premiums that you pay. The Higher the excess you choose, the lower your premium will become.

The PHC can also offer solutions for  Dental and Health & Well-being services.

The HealthCover4Life hospital List options:

You can have cover for your employees on the standard PHC hospital list or, if you are wanting to have your treatment in the central London Hospitals such as The London Bridge Hospital, The Wellington or The Portland Hospital for Women and Children then you would need to pay the additional premium to include the London Up-grade. The London up-grade hospital list currently includes 18 hospitals.

Making a claim on your PHC company health insurance policy:

As with all of the UK health insurance providers, for the majority of claims (there are some exceptions such as some musculoskeletal claims) if you wish to make a claim on your Private Medical Insurance you need to have a referral from your GP prior to making a claim. You should always obtain pre-authorisation from The PHC prior to having your treatment.

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The PHC do not work directly with their clients and work specifically with their network of health insurance Intermediaries. SMP Healthcare Ltd would be happy to help you and provide your business with more information about the options from The PHC as well as other insurers who can offer cover suitable for your requirements. Please contact us on 01245 929129 or for more information.