How much do Private GP appointments cost?

You may think that this is a question you will never ask! Here in the UK we have the NHS and full access to GP services and primary care. Did you ever think you would want to know how much private GP appointments cost?

  • What happens when you struggle to get an appointment with your GP and are really worried about your health?
  • Do you have options when you have seen your NHS GP and are not happy with their diagnosis?
  • Is a 10 minute appointment long enough for you to fully discuss your concerns?

Accessing primary care

We are still seeing reports of people being unable to get an appointment with their NHS GP. This is definitely driving people to seek alternative solutions.

Wherever you live in the UK, there is almost certainly a private GP surgery within your local area. Using the service of a private GP does not mean that you are no longer registered with your NHS surgery. You are able to self-fund a private GP appointment if you want a quick appointment time.

If you have a private medical insurance policy you will almost certainly have remote private GP access available to you. This could be either by telephone, video or via a mobile phone app. The cost of Private GP appointments on this basis tend to be included within your policy.

Some insurers also offer face to face private GP appointments as an add-on to your policy. There would be an additional premium payable to include this element of cover to your insurance.

How much does a private GP appointment cost?

You will find there is probably quite a difference in charges depending on where you live.

We have provided below a few examples of the current cost of a private GP appointment from clinics around the UK. These providers are open, honest and up-front about their charges. This makes it easy for a patient to decide whether they can afford a private GP appointment.


Let’s look at the London Doctors Clinic as the first example. With 18 London clinics to choose from, there should be no issue with getting an appointment.

Appointment lengthWeekdayWeekend & Bank Holiday
15 minutes£65£80
30 minutes£110£140
45 minutes£150£190
60 minutes£180£230

The above table shows you the pricing as of 12th November 2020. Being able to opt for a longer appointment is really important especially for people who need a more in-depth consultation.

London Doctors Clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission. For more information on the services that are offered please see the link below.


The Edinburgh Clinic

The Edinburgh Clinic offer weekday private GP appointments via their website. The current prices are as follows:

Appointment lengthWeekday
15 minutes£100
30 minutes£140
45 minutes£190
60 minutes£240


The clinic also offers a number of other services and full information can be found via the link below:


Mount Stuart Hospital

As part of the Ramsay Health Care hospital group, The Mount Stuart Hospital can offer private GP appointments. Private GP appointments are available for patients over the age of 18.

There are two options available:

Appointment lengthWeekday
15 minutes£60
30 minutes£95


As part of a private hospital, there are extensive medical services available at this location.

The information relating to the cost of Private GP appointments above is provided for reference only and is not a recommendation of provider.

The benefit of longer appointment times.

Your NHS GP is limited to the time they can spend with each patient. This is not the case with a private GP. As you can see from the examples given. You can pre-book the length of appointment time that you need to have.

Although most people will only need a 15 minute appointment, there may be times when you need more time. Reasons for a longer appointment could be:

  • Looking at your lifestyle
  • Completing medical forms
  • Insurance medicals
  • Other medical forms and assessments
  • When you have a combination of medical issues that you would like to discuss.

What if your private GP refers you for diagnostic testing?

The cost of private diagnostic testing would not be included in the price of your Private GP appointment. The prices for diagnostic testing does vary and you will have the option to self-fund the tests required.

For people who have a UK private medical insurance policy, they generally do not cover diagnostic tests referred by a GP.

If you want to use your private medical insurance, the GP would need to refer you to a specialist.

You will need to check with your insurer that you have cover in place in relation to your medical condition. Pre-authorisation should be obtained before attending any appointments if you want to use your health insurance policy.

Not all policies cover out-patient’s treatment. Some people choose to remove cover for this benefit to save money on the annual premium. By calling to pre-authorise your treatment, you will know if there are any limitations applicable.

At SMP Healthcare, we can guide you when it comes to health insurance in the UK. We can let you know which insurers offer private GP appointment cover and if there are annual limits. As we are an independent health insurance broker, we have no affiliation to any provider. Our analysis of the market is totally unbiased and based on your own requirements.

We can help clients who are renewing their current policy or totally new to health insurance. Our current client base includes individuals, families, small business and corporate clients.

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