Is NOW the time to use your PMI and really help the NHS?

From the outset of this post, please do not think we are referring to anything relating to coronavirus – if you need advice or medical assistance for coronavirus then please follow the government guidelines on the link below:

Private medical insurance (PMI) can really come in to its own at this time when the NHS is under extreme pressure of unprecedented levels. The whole NHS system is doing an outstanding job of coping with an unknown demand and those of us who are fortunate enough to have access to PMI should now look at the help available for non-coronavirus medical conditions.

GP Helplines

Most health insurance providers offer their member access to GP helplines. If you have non-coronavirus symptoms then utilise this facility and leave the NHS GP’s to deal with the pandemic that they are facing.

Private GP

If you are lucky enough to have a policy that offers private GP appointments either face to face or online then why not use this facility now. If you have non-coronavirus symptoms then by seeing a private GP you are helping to alleviate the stress of the NHS GP’s.

Stress and Telephone counselling

If you are already self-isolating or keeping to the social distancing guidelines then you may already be struggling mentally with the adjustment. If your private medical insurance offers telephone counselling then use this facility as soon as possible. It may make a real difference for you and help you to cope with such a difficult and unknown life changing period of time.

Even if you are not in the self-isolating category but because of the coronavirus you may find yourself struggling to cope with the current situation and the pressure it brings. Use the telephone counselling available to you as soon as you can. The qualified counsellors may help to put your mind at ease in a very difficult time.

Musculoskeletal conditions  

Almost every insurance provider offer you the service of calling them directly relating to issues affecting the joints, bones and muscles of the body. By using this facility you do not have to visit your NHS GP at all. Just call the appropriate claims team and they will assess your condition over the phone and advise you of the best course of action. If they believe you need to see a specialist or physiotherapist, they can refer you directly.

We do not know how long we will all have to deal with the coronavirus pandemic here in the UK and if there is anything that those amongst us with health insurance can do to alleviate the stress on the NHS then now has to be the time to do it!

The team at SMP Healthcare are still available to help you with your queries relating to private medical insurance whether relating to your current cover or if you would like to look at the options that are available to you as a new client.

We understand that in the current climate you may be worried about being able to afford your private medical insurance policy, whether on an individual or company basis.

BEFORE you cancel it, let us show you how you could make changes to your cover and make savings on the premium you pay.  

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