Is walking the perfect form of exercise?

Not everyone is thrilled at the thought of exercising on a daily basis. In fact many of us will avoid the gym at all costs. Avoiding the stares of the already toned and beautiful people who attend on a regular basis. Walking really is a great option.

Sadly it is our perception of the gym that is probably more off putting than the gym itself. So what is a really easy and low cost alternative to the gym – well I would suggest walking of course!

Is walking the cheapest form of exercise?

Well from personal experience I have never been charged for walking in my local community. I walk from the train to the office every day and I walk my dogs at the weekends. So far there has never been a monetary cost of putting one foot in front of the other.

Of course if you are joining an organised walk or walking through private property then you may have to pay an entrance fee or a joining fee. You could even think about walking football or similar types of fitness clubs.

The Ramblers Association offer many different options to join their association and the cost is minimal. You can join an organised walking group and make new friends rather than walking on your own. The cost is still minimal.

Does walking provide enough exercise to keep us physically healthy?

As the minimum recommendation from doctors is for us to do at least 150 minutes of activity per week.  This can be broken down into smaller chunks of time and easily absorbed in our daily routine. These activity hours help you to keep your body healthy and prevent illness. Broken down over 7 days, that is just 25 minutes per day. Maybe you could double up on one day and have a day of rest? However you choose to do it, being more active will help you to look after your health.

Can walking help with stress and anxiety?

The good news here is yes, walking is really good for your mental health and wellbeing too. Charity MIND confirms that physical exercise including walking can offer all sorts of benefits for people suffering with mental health disorders. It is important to remember however that this may not be the solution for everyone and more information can be found on the MIND website as per the link below:

There are private medical insurance providers in the UK market who do reward their members for living a healthier lifestyle. If you would like to know more information about how your fitness can work in a positive way with your private medical insurance policy, please do not hesitate to contact us. The team at SMP Healthcare will always be happy to help you find a policy that you can really see the benefit of having.

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