Lianne Harrington

CERT CII, Director

SMP Healthcare Ltd was launched in January 2014. We offer our clients easy access to a specialist and independent health insurance broker. Lianne launched the business with the vision of providing clients, whether individual, small business or corporate, with a means to obtaining healthcare insurance from an ethical broker.

Growing from strength to strength, Lianne has been an integral part of ensuring the clients of SMP Healthcare Ltd continually receive the optimum level of service in a complex and ever-changing market place. Since August 2018, SMP Healthcare has been directly authorised and regulated by the FCA, with Lianne taking a key role in this transition.

“We want to work with our clients for the long term, looking at their requirements in the now, but also for the future. So often, people have health insurance in place but don’t know exactly what it covers, how to claim, or about the additional benefits or rewards specific policies can provide, and we love to help them get the most out of their policy.”

Oliver Miller

Account Executive 

Ollie has been working in the SMP Healthcare team since April 2021 following his transfer across from the Ascend Broking Group. Specialising in the personal/ consumer health insurance market, Ollie has been training with Lianne Harrington to ensure that he has the knowledge required and the high level of customer service levels that the clients of SMP Healthcare have known from the beginning.

Ollie is now working towards his CERT CII qualification and looks forward to being a fully qualified member of the team.

Having worked in different insurance sectors, Ollie has a good grounding of the market as a whole and offers his clients a confident, client focused approach to business. He always ensures that the client’s requirements are the sole focus of his working day.

“Although Ollie had no experience of the health insurance sector initially, he has grown within the team and is fantastic with the SMP Healthcare consumer clients. Ollie’s enthusiasm inside and outside of the office and his ability to think outside the box works well for us all. I am so pleased he is almost to the end of his CERT CII exams and look forward to working with him for many years to come. “Lianne Harrington – Head of Healthcare