What is “In-patients” and “Day-patients” cover on your Private Medical Insurance?

Most Private Medical Insurance policies feature a “Core” cover which includes many health care benefits, including the In-patient and Day-patient treatment. From there you can personalise your Private Medical Insurance policy by choosing from a number of modular benefits.

What is an In-patient?

The term In-patient is generally used by Private Medical Insurers when referring to a policyholder that requires admission into hospital for treatment of a condition where they will occupy a bed overnight, or longer following a procedure.

What is a Day-patient?

The term Day-patient is generally used by Private Medical Insurers when referring to a policyholder who requires admission to hospital or a Day-patient unit for treatment which requires them to be medically supervised for a period of time following a procedure but they aren’t required to occupy a bed overnight.

What is covered as an In-patient and Day-patient under a Private Medical Insurance policy?

In-patient and Day-patient cover can be broken down into three parts.

Hospital Charges – Include costs relating to accommodation and meals, nursing care, drugs and surgical dressings and theatre fees. Providing you have treatment in a hospital within your chosen hospital list (where applicable)

Specialist Fees – Providing your consultant is recognised by the insurer you are insured with, specialist fees as an in-patient and day-patient will be paid up to the limit within the specific insurers fee schedule.

Diagnostic TestsIncludes costs for things like blood tests, x-rays, ECG’s and scans, including MRI, CT and PET scans.

What other additional benefits are available under an insurers Core cover?

As advised above, an insurers Core cover has a variety of benefits and can also include cover for the following:

– NHS cash benefit

– Private Ambulance

– Baby Bonus

– GP Helplines

– Home Nursing

How we can help

Every Private Medical Insurance policy is different, so if you have a Private Medical Insurance policy or are looking to put a policy in place and would like to know more about the different benefits available, we are on hand to help ensure you have the cover that’s right for you. Contact us now on 01245 929 129 or email enquires@smphealthcare.com.