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Cigna UK Healthcare Benefits help employers to find health plans to suit their business needs. They offer cover for businesses in the Private Medical Insurance and Dental Insurance markets.

Private Medical Insurance is available on one of the four plans below:

Some of the policies are only available to companies with over 100 staff members. Health Flex is available for companies looking for cover for between 2 and 99 members of staff.

Cigna Corporation is a global healthcare provider who provide a number of healthcare products and services. These include group disability, life insurance and international insurance. They have over 200 years of experience and employ over 30,000 staff in 30 countries worldwide. Cigna Corporation have approximately 75 million client relationships.

Policies from Cigna Corporation are sold directly to individuals and through intermediaries and employers.

Cigna confirm that they put patient choice and care at the very heart of their claims management and their members have access to all private hospitals in the UK combined with a full choice of consultants.

Cigna offer dental plans for companies: Dentacare and OralHealth and for any members who want to be guaranteed no shortfalls in payment for dental treatments. They can invest in “Full Cover” if they have opted for the Dentacare level 3 or 4.

There is an online search facility that enables members to search online for a “Full Cover” Cigna dentist.

The OralHealth plan offers five different plan levels with co-payment options for preventative dental care and dental cover for both minor and major dental treatment.

Cigna confirm that all of their OralHealth dental plans provide cover for dental emergencies, accidental damage, hospital cash and oral cancer. There is currently a £15,000 lifetime limit for oral cancer on the OralHealth plans.

Claiming on the dental policies is simple and can be done online or via email or post

Members have access to use one of the 1,100 Healthy Discounts dentists who are in 400 locations around the UK, if members choose a dentist who is registered as a Health Discount dentist then they are entitled to a 20% discount off of their dental treatment. There is an easy to use Healthy Discounts finder tool on the Cigna website. This is an option for members not a requirement. If members wish to use their own dentist who is not a Cigna Health Discounts dentist then they can still use the Cigna dental plan up to the listed benefit levels.

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