Private Medical Insurance from The Exeter


Are you looking for private medical insurance as a consumer? As well as the stronger brand names that are available in the UK, you would do well to consider some of the smaller providers such as The Exeter. Offering cover for private medical insurance in the consumer sector along with other health related policies. The Exeter offer a clear and simple solution in the UK health insurance market.

With policies that are flexible and offer excellent customer service, The Exeter like to look after their members. With a hospital list covering over 300 UK hospitals and including many of the central London hospitals you can be sure that your health is in safe hands.

Why should you consider The Exeter?

  • They do not use the No-claims discount system and therefore your renewal premium is not affected by the claims you make.
  • You can have unlimited cancer cover as part of your cover or you could opt to remove cancer cover completely.
  • If your child is covered on the policy and is having treatment, The Exeter will cover parental accommodation up to the age of 18.
  • The unique underwriting option of a fixed moratorium is available from The Exeter. You can also still opt for the more traditional underwriting methods too. Many providers will offer a rolling moratorium but a fixed option could be truly beneficial.
  • Discounted premiums for non-smokers and people with a BMI between 18 -25.
  • Your calls to The Exeter are answered by a real person in their UK office every time.

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SMP Healthcare Ltd is a truly independent private medical insurance broker. As a company we want our clients to be aware of all of their options not just cover from the better known brand names.

If you would like us to provide a review for your private medical insurance and include insurers such as The Exeter please get in contact. We can help you if you are new to private medical insurance or at the time your current policy is due for renewal.

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