Private medical insurance is there for the treatment of acute medical conditions which in effect are “curable” and by definition, chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma would not fall into this bracket.

Even if you have a current policy in place with no “exclusions”, once a condition is deemed as chronic, there would be no cover for continued monitoring of this condition (excludes cancer which is handled as a separate entity). If however you have a company private medical insurance there is one specific policy which allows an annual benefit of £1000 which you could use towards the monitoring of a chronic condition should you need to and is worth considering for this purpose.

Most policies would provide cover for “flare ups” of a chronic condition if the condition such as diabetes was diagnosed after the inception of your policy, enabling you to get back to a stable condition, once stable there would be no cover available from your private medical insurance and treatment would revert back to the NHS. If you are new to private medical insurance and suffer from a chronic condition such as diabetes prior to the inception date, it is essential that you confirm your condition at the point of quotation, in most cases your condition would be excluded from cover if there is no known medical cure.

At SMP Healthcare our experts are happy to give you guidance as to what cover is available and from which providers in accordance with your own specific medical conditions. Please do not hesitate in calling to make the most of our knowledge and expertise in relation to any aspect of your healthcare cover and policy benefits.

If you are covered by a company Cash Plan you could utilise some of the cash back benefits towards treatment of symptoms that occur due to your diabetes. There are many different providers of business Cash Plans and they all offer different levels of benefits, as a rule these include dental, optical, chiropody and physiotherapy with holistic therapies such as reiki and naturopathy. The level of benefits you received depends on the monthly premium you pay.

The Company Cash Plans do not tend to exclude cover for pre-existing conditions. Individual cash plans however do exclude cover for pre-existing conditions in many cases. Please ensure that you check what would be excluded before taking out any type of policy if you have diabetes or any type of chronic condition. There is no point in taking out a policy that you will be unable to claim on.

The NHS does offer excellent levels of cover for people with chronic conditions however, if you do find that you are on the end of a very long waiting list then you do have the option to self-fund your treatment in a private hospital or facility. Costs and appointment times do vary by consultant and treatment type and we would recommend that you contact your local private hospital for clarification of any charges and appointment waiting times.