Once you appoint SMP Healthcare Ltd as your health insurance intermediary we will look after your policy from set up, administration throughout the year and at renewal we will provide a full market review in accordance with your requirements. We are not affiliated to any insurer and work as an independent insurance intermediary.

Scheme set up
We will listen to you and establish what you want to achieve from your healthcare budget and approach the market to find the most cost effective cover available.

If you want to add or remove a member, change an address or add family members to a scheme, in fact if there are any administrative changes to be made to your policy you just contact us with the details and we will ensure the changes are made in a timely manner by the providers. We will check to ensure all changes have been made in accordance to your request.

Healthcare insurance is an annual policy and every year prior to the renewal date (6-8 weeks) we will contact you to discuss your requirements for the forthcoming year. We will provide you with an unbiased market review confirming your options for the year ahead. As we look at the whole market for you, we are often in a position to negotiate discounts for you from your existing insurance provider. This can work substantially to saving you money year on year and throughout the term of your policy.

We do not charge our clients for setting up a policy, making administrative changes or for providing a market review. We are paid by the insurer a commission which varies from insurer to insurer, rates variable on policy type, profile and size. If you want to know the rate of commission we are paid by the insurer to look after your scheme, please do not hesitate to ask us and we will happily confirm the information for you.

All claims must be registered directly with the insurer by the member in accordance with their terms and conditions. To obtain pre-authorisation for a claim the insurers will want to know very specific medical information which only you as the member will know. Should you have any difficulty making a claim or feel that you have had a claim declined without good reason we can speak to the insurer on your behalf to clarify or query this for you. In some cases you may have to call the insurer and give authorisation for us to speak to them about a claim on your behalf.