One of the essential elements to consider when you are going to work abroad or arranging for your employees to work abroad is to ensure that there will be adequate health insurance cover in place prior to travelling.

Although in the UK we have the NHS to fall back on, there are many countries around the world that do not have any state subsidised solution and therefore all treatment, consultations, medicines and hospital care (out-patient or in-patient) pre-planned or emergency has to be funded by the patient. In some parts of the world the costs of medical treatment can be high and many people would struggle to make the payments enabling them to receive the treatment they need.

Key things to consider are:

What is your destination country?
– Cover for policies in the USA would be a higher premium than a European policy due to the high cost of healthcare.

How long do you expect to work at this location?
– Some providers will offer short term policies from 3 – 11 months

Do they have any specific rules in place relating to Healthcare?
– Many destinations have very specific requirements that must be in place prior to travelling.

Will you need cover that may include benefits towards childbirth and pregnancy?
– Not all policies would cover this as standard.

Do you need to have cover for pre-existing medical conditions?
– Some company schemes will allow you to choose to cover medical conditions that already exist.

There are specific policies on the market for companies who work in the gas and oil industry, mining and exploration and maritime shipping, speak to SMP Healthcare Ltd to make sure that you and your business are getting the best options available for you.
Whether you are looking for International Health Insurance as an individual for you and your family or a company scheme for your employees, there are many variations and providers on the market. We would never recommend you only look at one International health insurance provider as there is a wealth of choice available to you.