Critical illness

If you are diagnosed with a major illness, a critical illness policy would pay you a tax free lump sum which can be spent in any way you see fit. You may decide to spend it towards private health care costs, pay off outstanding debts or you may decide to spend the time you have left in the way you choose without any financial worries.

There are many different categories of serious or critical illness and each insurer has their own definition of what they class as a critical illness and whether they would pay out on diagnosis of the medical condition concerned. Some providers will also pay out percentages depending on the severity of the condition.

Types of conditions often included in a Critical Illness policy include:

Cancer • Heart Conditions • Stroke • Chronic obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) • Blindness • Major Organ Transplant • Loss of Limb • Third Degree Burns • Dementia • Motor Neurone Disease • Multiple Sclerosis

There is often a specified time period (e.g 14 days) where the policy holder must survive following diagnosis of the eligible critical illness.

In many cases you can choose to add Critical Illness cover to a Life Insurance policy which would then pay out on either the diagnosis of a critical illness or death, whichever comes first?

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