Save Money with the inSpire plan from AXA Health

You may be surprised to learn that you can source cheap Health Insurance that still provides an adequate level of cover. However,  there are a number of plans available on the market that can deliver just this and the inSpire Health Plan from AXA Health is one of them. Importantly, this plan still offers you a great balance of benefits with a low price tag attached.

Keep your Health Insurance costs low with the inSpire plan:

The inSpire Health Plan offers access to two of the UK’s most well-known networks of private hospitals. To clarify, these are Spire Healthcare and Ramsay Health Care UK.  as a result, the insurer is more effective at managing costs  which enables them to deliver this product at a competitive premium.

How this Health Insurance Plan works:

The inSpire Health Plans all start with their Core cover which includes the following benefits:

In-patient and day-patient treatment

Cancer Cover. The inSpire Health Plan offers two levels of cover for the treatment of cancer:

  • Comprehensive Cancer Cover
  • NHS Cancer Support

To clarify however, if you have had or received treatment for cancer in the past five years you cannot choose the Comprehensive Cancer Cover option.

What other options are available on the inSpire Health Plan?

Once you have the core cover option, you can then decide which other benefits you want to include. This is without a doubt the best way to build your cover to suit your own requirements. By choosing the benefits you want to include you can keep the cost of your policy to an affordable level.

Out-patient cover options are either Standard or Full:

Standard cover provides you with up to three specialist consultations a year. There is no yearly limit on diagnostic tests when specialist referred and no yearly limit on practitioner charges when specialist referred.  CT, MRI or PET scans are covered if referred by a specialist.

The full cover option ensures you have no yearly limit on specialist consultations, diagnostic tests, practitioner charges and CT, MRI or PET scans when specialist referred.

Additional benefit options available on the inSpire plan:

Further money saving options available on the inSpire plan:

Excess options available: £0, £100, £250, £500, £1,000, £2,500, £5,000.

You cannot choose an excess of £1,000 or more when the Standard Out-patient Option has been selected.

InSpire Health Plan 6:

If you don’t mind using the NHS for in/day-patient treatment, cancer treatment or any surgical procedures, the six week option can have a really positive impact on your premium.  The inSpire Health 6 option means that if the things listed are available on the NHS within six weeks of when it should take place treatment will be undertaken on the NHS and you will not be able to claim privately for the treatment.

Added Value Services from the inSpire plan:

Like most plans, the inSpire plan also allows you to benefit from extra professional services which include:

Second Opinion Service; 

Trusting just one doctors opinion about crucial medical conditions can be worrisome, however those insured with AXA benefit from their Second Opinion Service, providing an out-patient option is selected when purchasing a plan. This service provides key benefits, such as    peace of mind, reassurance, confidence and security. (Subject to appointments that would be covered under the plan). AXA will also cover the charge for the initial consultation with the new specialist and any new tests.

Extensive heart and cancer cover and care; 

If you receive a cancer or heart diagnosis the inSpire Health Plan provides you with the peace of mind that you have access to comprehensive cancer and heart care.  This has a number of elements including:

  • Access to the latest licensed treatment & drugs, some of which may not yet be available under the NHS.
  • Cover for on-going check-ups and monitoring with the specialist, for as long as the plan is in place.

Fast Track Appointments Service;

Most treatments require a GP referral. If you wish to benefit from AXA’ s Fast Track Appointment Service you will need to request an open referral. By obtaining a referral via this method AXA Health make it as simple as possible for you. They will locate a specialist to provide you with the necessary treatment at a time and place convenient for you.

Working Body;

If you have a muscle, bone or joint issue you can contact AXA Health directly.  You can speak to a specialist advisor within their Working Body team without the need for a GP referral. They will either provide advice on what treatment you need that can be provided by their expert physiotherapists or refer you directly for treatment

Unique & Important Features of this Health Insurance policy:

There are also some other important features and requirements for you to understand about the inSpire Health Plan which include:

Specified Surgery cash benefit;

For certain specified surgical procedures, the inSpire plan offers the opportunity for you to have treatment via an alternative provider instead of claiming for the treatment under their plan. If you choose this option you are provided with a cash lump sum, providing the treatment is agreed with AXA Health in advance.

No Claims Discount;

Having a No Claims Discount can make a significant difference to the cost of your Health Insurance. The inSpire Health Plans automatically incorporate this pricing method and so for every year you remain claim free you will earn a further discount. This is capped at 80%. If however, you make a claim you will lose some of that discount. Some benefits that you can claim for will not have an impact on your No Claims Discount. You do have the option to protect your No Claims Discount for an additional cost.


As a new customer you can join the inSpire Health Plan on either Moratorium Underwriting or a Full Medical Underwriting option.

If you select Moratorium Underwriting there will be additional exclusions applied if you have any of the following conditions prior to joining:


If you have diabetes you would not be covered for any of the following medical conditions:

Diabetes • ischaemic heart disease • cataract • diabetic retinopathy • diabetic renal disease • arterial disease • stroke

Treatment for raised blood pressure;

If you have high blood pressure you will not be covered for:

Hypertension • ischaemic heart disease • stroke • hypertensive renal failure

To clarify however, if you are able to satisfy the hypertension declaration and wish to include cover for future conditions that can arise as a result of Hypertension, this exclusion will not apply.

Investigations, treatment or monitoring as a result of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test;  You will not be covered for any prostate disorder.

If you already have health insurance cover in place, you can look to join the inSpire Health Plan on a Continued Personal Medical Exclusions underwriting option.

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