SMP Healthcare Ltd – our pledge to donate to The Tom Bowdidge Foundation

Following our decision to support the Tom Bowdidge Foundation and help them to raise much needed funding to support teenagers and young people with cancer we are delighted to announce our new campaign designed to help anyone who is looking to renew their Private Medical Insurance policy or looking to take out a new Private Medical Insurance policy whilst helping to raise more money for this worthy cause.

For every five quotations whether on a company or individual basis that we receive as a direct response to this campaign we will pledge to donate £250 to The Tom Bowdidge Foundation.

There is NO obligation to buy a policy or switch your policy to a different provider and the quotation is provided free of charge. In addition to this should anyone decide to accept a quotation that we have provided there are still no fees to pay or charges made by SMP Healthcare Ltd for setting up the policy, the administration of it or the annual market reviews.

As an independent Private Medical Insurance broker we know the importance of looking at the current policies available. In an ever changing market we want our clients to be confident that they are getting the best policy for their own specific requirements at the best price possible.

If you would like to help raise money for The Tom Bowdidge Foundation and obtain a quotation for your Private Medical Insurance policy then please contact us using the link below: