Bowel cancer is one of the most common types of cancer diagnosed in the UK and almost 9 in 10 people with bowel cancer are over 60. The exact cause of it is unknown but there are a number of things that can increase the risk such as:

  • Age
  • Diet
  • Weight
  • Exercise
  • Smoking
  • Family history

In the UK, the NHS offer bowel cancer screening for men and women aged between 60 and 74. You can still have this from 75 onwards but you do need to request it. Many people do not accept the invite for screening however, early diagnosis and treatment can bring much higher chance of recovery.

There are 3 main symptoms of bowel cancer however, they can also be associated with other medical conditions too. You are advised to see your GP if your symptoms have lasted for longer than 3 weeks.

It can be treated using a number of methods including:

  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Targeted therapies

The treatment type will depend on where it is and how far it has spread.

If you have had crohns or ulcerative colitis in the colon for over 10 years, this can increase your chances of being diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

April is Bowel Cancer Awareness month.  Bowel Cancer UK are focusing on raising awareness for bowel cancer screening, which aims to detect bowel cancer at an early stage. Treatment has the best chance of working for people who have had an early diagnosis. Bowel Cancer UK are the UK’s leading Bowel Cancer research charity. Why is it important to raise awareness about Bowel Cancer screening? The charity confirm that in some areas of the UK only a third who receive a screening test in the post complete it. This leaves thousands of people missing out on a vital way of…