There are a number of medical conditions that can affect the immune system.

When your immune system is not working properly you can become unwell because of bacteria and virus infections.

If you are born with a weak immune system this is called a primary immune deficiency.

You may also develop an autoimmune disease such as Type 1 diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis or Lupus.  The cause of autoimmune conditions is unknown.

Smoking, alcohol and poor nutrition can weaken your immune system.

Infections such as the fly virus and measles can have a temporary weakening effect.

Winter worries as we start to get older

Winter worries as we start to get older

So here we are, deep in December and wondering if we will have snow this year? As we get older, the worry of the winter months increases. In deepest darkest Essex it looks unlikely we will see any of the white stuff but who knows what 2020 will bring. Our health as we get older: As we start to get older our immune systems do not work quite as well as they used to. This leaves us more prone to winter viruses such as cold and flu. In the UK, anyone over 65 is entitled to a free cold and…