The advantages of Private Healthcare

You may ask yourself about the advantages of private healthcare. Why do you even need a private medical insurance policy in the UK? We have the NHS – surely that provides you with all the hospital treatment you can ever need?

Well, maybe it would be beneficial to think about your medical treatment in more detail.

5 major advantages of private healthcare:

  • Choice of hospital/ consultant
  • Speedy access to diagnostic testing
  • Treatments and appointments at a time to suit you
  • The latest drugs and technology
  • A private room


Choosing your hospital/facility or consultant

Being able to choose where you have your treatment is just one of the advantages of private healthcare. The flexibility of being able to have treatment close to work, or to home, can save you valuable time. If you can go to a clinic around the corner from your office, you can save yourself the stress of travelling back closer to home during working hours. This is especially relevant for contractors, the self-employed and anyone who does not get paid when they are not at work.  Equally, if you simply want to be treated in a hospital close to home and family, that choice is available to you.

Speedy access to diagnostic testing

When you need diagnostic tests, you don’t want to wait for weeks and weeks, as a long wait could drastically affect your chance of recovery. If you need to have an MRI brain scan, then you want to have it now! A quick diagnosis can absolutely make the difference to your treatment and ultimately your prognosis. One of the main advantages of private healthcare has to be the reduction of the waiting times for finding out what is wrong with you.

Medical treatment at a time convenient to you

We all have busy lives. Booking a convenient appointment for a consultation or even for surgery can make a big difference. If you have a busy January and a quiet February, then why not opt for the more favourable month if you can? Choosing when you have your treatment can reduce your stress levels, and avoiding key calendar dates and seeing a consultant in the evening could be really beneficial.

Are you a business owners or sole trader? Do you lose income when you are not working? Choice of treatment time has to be one of the most important advantages of private healthcare because you can make an appointment when it would have the least impact on your income.

Access to the latest drugs and technology

Private medical insurers in the UK pride themselves on treatment development and providing their members with access to the latest drugs and diagnostic testing. It should be noted that this doesn’t guarantee your recovery.

Undoubtably, one of the advantages of private healthcare is access to modern treatments. As research continues in the medical sector, you obviously want to access the best treatment available to you. Treatment on the NHS is excellent, and we are lucky to have it here in the UK but, unfortunately, it is often said to be a postcode lottery when it comes to the availability of medication.

The treatment of cancer is one of the questions raised prior to buying a private medical insurance policy. Private medical insurance gives you the peace of mind that you can access the latest medication via your insurance policy, regardless of where you live.

Recovering in your own private room

When you have received your medical treatment, the option to recover in your own private room is important. Do you really want to recover on a busy ward, or is the thought of having peace and quiet more appealing? If you can shut the door, watch your own TV and have visitors when you want them, surely this is a nicer option? And when your visitors arrive, would you like them to be able to order a coffee rather than have to vacate to the cafeteria? What about the transfer of germs; would you feel safer in your own environment?

Even something simple like having your own bathroom will appeal to many. To have your own shower and toilet is practically a luxury. Recovering in comfort is a great advantage of private healthcare. Although not essential, for many it helps them to feel better faster.

Private hospitals, moreover, offer a restaurant quality menu. Did you realise you can choose your food and actually receive what you ordered? Great nutrition can aide your recovery and is another advantage of private healthcare.

The extent of the dining facilities offered in a private hospital will vary. Have a look at the as an example.

You do not have to have insurance to access private healthcare. The advantages of private healthcare are available to you if you pay the hospital directly.

You can self-fund your treatment if you prefer to do so. A private medical insurance policy will help you to spread the cost of your treatment.

The team at SMP Healthcare will be happy to help you find the right policy, first time. Our experts can help you to make an informed decision about health insurance and whether it is right for you.