The amazing value of a business health cash plan

So, 5 really important questions to ask you………

  • Are you a business owner or manager?
  • Do you have a duty of care towards your staff?
  • Have you ever heard of a health cash plan?
  • Can you take advantage of a great low cost health plan?
  • Why haven’t you considered a cash plan before now?

Health Cash Plans are not private medical insurance.

A health cash plan is not the same thing as a health insurance policy. Each UK provider has their own benefit categories but in general they offer cover for everyday healthcare costs such as:

Dental ∙ Optical ∙ Chiropody ∙ Prescriptions ∙ Health Screening ∙ Physiotherapy ∙ Osteopathy ∙ Chiropractic treatment ∙ Dental Accident ∙ Specialist consultations ∙ Diagnostic tests (levels do vary) ∙ Stress helplines ∙ Alternative therapies

Most will offer you the chance to add an employee assistance programme too. If any of your staff have private health insurance you could also add cover for the value of your health insurance excess if you have this applied to your private medical insurance cover.

How many employees do you need for a business health cash plan?

The number of employees you would need for a company cash plan is 3, although some providers do require a higher number. Health cash plans offer a very low cost option to provide your valued employees with a great variety of health benefits.

Do cash plans pay back 100% of the cost?

Yes, many cash plans do pay you 100% of your treatment costs up to the benefit level you have chosen. The claiming process is simple. The majority of claims can be processed online or via a mobile phone app. What could be simpler?

Can you get cover for pre-existing conditions?

Unlike many private health insurance policies, a company cash plan will cover pre-existing conditions. Each benefit category has specific terms and conditions and you must always use a qualified professional for your treatment.

Is there any cover for mental health within a cash plan?

Most cash plan will offer their members a degree of assistance via accessible telephone counselling. Upgrading to include an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) this would then include face to face sessions. Essentially an affordable solution for businesses of any size.

At SMP Healthcare we work with a variety of health cash plan providers. Each one offering their own variations on benefits and cover levels. We work with our clients to find the best value health cash plan for their business and their budget. If you would like to know more about a cash plan for your business then please get in touch:

Telephone: 01245 929129/ 0800 047 0127