The benefit of private healthcare rewards

In the UK, over 11% of the population have private medical insurance. Private medical insurance is available to anyone in the UK. Whether you are an individual member, or a company owner with an SME group, or a corporate business. Private healthcare is a great benefit for you, your family or your employees. Find out more about policies that offer private healthcare rewards.

You may not be aware that, in addition to healthcare, many insurers offer a range of private healthcare rewards. UK private medical insurers such as AXA, Bupa and Vitality all offer reward programmes. These are extra incentives to individuals and businesses who are looking to buy private healthcare. Giving you benefits beyond the reassurance of private healthcare.

With the cost of living rising, the first things we cut from our lives are luxuries, with family cinema trips, spa days and treating ourselves perhaps becoming unaffordable. We’re also seeing extensive wait times in the NHS growing to an all-time high. A competitive market means insurers need to stand out and offer their members unique benefits.

Vitality offers the most extensive range of rewards amongst private healthcare providers, including Apple watches and money off spa days, rewarding over 1.5 million members.

If you have private medical insurance with Vitality Business Healthcare, you have access to over 25 rewards with the Vitality programme, including health screenings, money off gym memberships, up to 36% off a range of Fitbits, the chance to earn up to 12-month Amazon Prime membership and many more amazing offers.

Making the most of private healthcare rewards

One of the first PMI providers to reward their members for engaging with a healthy lifestyle was Vitality. Vitality’s private healthcare rewards programme was introduced to engage the customer and promote healthy activity. The more you engage with the Vitality programme, the more rewards you can earn, including up to 40% cashback on healthy food from Waitrose, ODEON cinema tickets, up to 20% off up to four hotel bookings each year, with Expedia, and treats from Caffe Nero.

How Vitality rewards work

If you are a member of a qualifying Vitality insurance plan, you will be entitled to private healthcare rewards by using Vitality’s Member Zone. As well as unique rewards, you can earn more points by using a fitness tracker to track your daily activity. Just completing your online Health Review and setting your goals can earn you 100 points. The more activity you complete, the more points you earn and the greater the rewards. What could be better than being active and getting rewarded for it? We all know the benefits of regular exercise and self-care are major – improved heart health, better sleep, a reduction in stress and a boost to mental health – so Vitality’s Member Zone is great encouragement.

The Apple Watch scheme

In addition to Vitality’s healthcare rewards is their Apple Watch scheme, a fantastic incentive to be active. Once you have connected your Apple Watch to Vitality, get active and earn activity points; the more points you earn, the less you pay for your Apple Watch. If you are not active, you will have to pay up to £9.50 per month, depending on your Apple Watch. This is a great way to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, hopefully reducing the number of claims on your private healthcare policy.

  • Once you have a Vitality insurance plan, you can apply for your chosen Apple Watch. How much you pay per month depends on how active you are. If you have the Apple Watch Series 8 and earn 160 activity points in a month by being athletic, you will pay £0 towards the Apple Watch and Vitality will pay £9.50. Alternatively, if you drop down to only 120-159 points in a month you will pay £2, and Vitality will pay £7.50. This is a great way to motivate yourself to move and be healthier.
  • To earn 40 active points, walk 10,000 steps a day, twice a week.
  • To earn 160 active points, walk 12,500 steps a day, five times a week.

The benefits of business healthcare

If you want to offer the best benefits for your employees, private healthcare is a great thing to have. It will help staff stay healthy and reduce the number of sick days and burnouts. Vitality offers a comprehensive PMI solution and provides excellent benefits, as well as giving access to those extensive private healthcare rewards.

What is your Vitality Status?

From the moment you register for Vitality Member Zone, you will be a Bronze Status member and you can start earning rewards.

  • Bronze Status = 0 points
  • Silver Status = 800 points
  • Gold Status = 1,600 points
  • Platinum Status = 2,400 points

Once you have registered for the Vitality Member Zone and are ready to engage in rewards, here is how to go from Bronze Status to Silver Status as soon as possible:

  1. An online health review will achieve 100 points.
  2. A Vitality Health check with measurements is 240 points!
  3. Achieving a health BMI result is 60 points.
  4. Having a healthy cholesterol level can result in another 60 points.
  5. Passing the non-smokers Vitality Health check is 200 points.
  6. Completing the online non-smokers declaration is 100 points.
  7. Connecting an activity tracking device or app will get you the final 40 points.

You are now up to Silver Status and have unlocked a higher number of rewards!

To achieve Gold Status, you will need to regularly engage in activity, and you can earn up to 40 points a week for any exercise including gym sessions, Vitality Park Runs and activity tracked by your linked device. You are limited to earning a maximum of 40 points a week, so you do not overdo it!

Vitality’s private healthcare rewards are an excellent way to get the most out of your policy and to keep fit and healthy. The conditions of Vitality reward partners are subject to change, but all members will be kept continually updated on any changes.

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