Ultrasound Scans

What is an Ultrasound Scan?

An ultrasound is a type of scan that uses high frequency sound waves to produce an image of an organ in the body. Ultrasound is very high frequency sound that humans cannot hear, but can be detected using a machine called an ultrasound scanner.

Ultrasound Scans can be used to look at all soft tissue structures and blood vessel but there are certain areas of the body which the ultrasound waves struggle to penetrate at the frequency range used in diagnostic imaging and therefore cannot be used to look at bones or the lungs or gastro-intestinal tract in detail.

What are the benefits of an Ultrasound Scan?

There are many benefits of an ultrasound Scan and we have listed some of them below.

– Ultrasound doesn’t require the use of x-rays. Instead, the waves are delivered by a small handheld sensor, which is similar to a microphone. As sound waves are used it eliminates the radiation risk.

– Ultrasound Scans are mostly non-invasive, safe and painless.

– Ultrasound is the preferred test for the monitoring of pregnant women and their unborn babies because it is a procedure which is thought to be completely safe.

Other than in pregnancy what can an Ultrasound Scan be used for?

Although ultrasounds are commonly used when you are pregnant, an ultrasound can also be used to:

  • Highlight congenital heart disease
  • Examine the prostate gland, uterus, ovaries and other organs of the body
  • It can be used during surgery when biopsies are taken for analysis.

Information sourced from https://www.bmihealthcare.co.uk

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