VSP Vision Care provide the answers to the questions about their company optical cover


VSP Vision Care is a popular choice of employee benefit around the world; in addition to the US they provide their services in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

Offering low cost premiums with a great benefit level for staff, VSP are proud of their optical solution for business.

As with all policies that are fairly new to the market, here are just a few of the FAQ’s that VSP have already answered, clear and transparent information provided  for business owners and HR managers so that they know exactly what is achievable before taking out a policy.

Q1 Will the premiums change based on the usage of the policy year-on-year?

No, the premiums are not changed base on policy usage. Premiums are reviewed periodically on a community rated basis.

Q2 Are the premiums paid annually?

VSP issue monthly bills based on membership levels however, clients can pay an estimated annual or quarterly payment in advance if they choose to.

Q3 Can VSP provide a payroll deduction report to advise clients about salary sacrifice?

No, VSP does not determine the amount of salary sacrifice for payroll deductions, this is agreed directly between the client and the member.

Q4 Are activity reports available for VSP Vision Care?

Yes. VSP provides quarterly utilisation reports that track claim data on a year over year basis.

Q5. Do VSP customers have to use an optician or optical specialist who is in the VSP Network of providers?

No, VSP members are free to choose any eye care professional that they want to use but if they choose one that is part of the VSP Network they have access to savings on eye exams and eyewear which will therefore maximise the benefits they receive.

Information sourced from https://vsp-uk.co.uk/

If you would like to know more about the optical cover from VSP available for your staff, please contact SMP Healthcare who will be happy to discuss the benefits of a VSP policy with you. Our contact telephone number in 01245 929129 or email address enquiries@smphealthcare.com