What rhymes with Friday for you?


So we reach the end of a busy working week.

We have worked hard, kept positive, helped clients, assisted colleagues and coped with another manic working week. What does Friday night mean to you?

  • Perhaps you just head home and find your pyjamas?
  • Maybe you head to the gym and run a quick 10K?
  • Or do you head for the pub for a quick glass of wine?

Friday may rhyme with wine (or a good old fashioned Gordon’s and tonic!)  for me as meeting up with my friends, relaxing and chewing over the week’s events really helps to de-stress. I am acutely aware that this is not the same for everyone. Not everyone likes to celebrate the start of the weekend with a glass of red!

The weekend for me doesn’t even really mean relaxation, there is housework, paperwork, dog walks, cooking and catching up on everything else I have not managed to do in the week. Somehow though, there is something special about a Friday night drink with my friends.

Actually, not everyone has the opportunity to stop, take a breath and relax at all. Those who have young children may have the task of juggling 3 after school clubs and the youth club disco before they can even think about sitting down and relaxing.

What about those who have family members that rely on them for care?

How do these people actually wind down after a long week at work?

For these people the option to un-cork their favourite Malbec may not be a realistic option on any day of the week let alone on a Friday night.

When I get off of the train and head home, I do spare a thought for those who may not be going home to do something of their own choosing. If you are limited by what your circumstances dictate then I hope you manage to find your own way to wind down at some point.

The whole team at SMP Healthcare wish you all a fantastic weekend whatever you end up doing. If you live in Essex and are looking for inspiration the Visit Essex website has some great ideas: