Underwriting, why you should choose it carefully!

When you are looking to buy a private medical insurance policy, have you thought about the underwriting that is available?

The type that you choose could affect the price that you pay for your policy.

Comparing quotations can be confusing if there are different underwriting options used.

Common UK underwriting methods are:

  • Full medical underwriting
  • Continued personal medical exclusions : CPME (when switching from one insurer to another)
  • Moratorium
  • Continued moratorium: CMORI (when switching from one insurer to another)
  • Medical History Disregarded (for large company schemes)

Full medical underwriting

Before purchasing your policy, a full medical history declaration is completed.  Any pre-existing medical conditions may be excluded.


You are underwritten at the point of claim and do not complete a medical history declaration. Commonly any medical condition you have had in the 5 years prior to taking out the policy will be excluded. Once you have been 2 years, medication, treatment, advice and symptom free, the condition may be eligible for cover. The ABI guide to moratorium underwriting explains in full detail.


Medical History Disregarded (MHD)

MHD underwriting is available for larger company schemes. The premium is slightly higher than the other underwriting methods but it does mean there would be cover for pre-existing conditions.


When you change insurer you can obtain quotations that carry across your original underwriting and therefore no further exclusions will apply. No further medical history forms have to be completed. You would need to be able to fulfill the new providers switch criteria (variable between providers).

*Please be aware that the chronic conditions criteria will apply regardless of which underwriting type you opt for*

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