Work related Stress in Great Britain


The Health and Safety executive (HSE) have published figures relating to work related stress in Great Britain for 2015 which makes quite surprising reading. The sad thing is that many people are still embarrassed to admit to their colleagues or managers that stress, anxiety or depression is part of their lives yet within this survey the actual loss of working days in 2014/2015 for this condition was 9.9 million which is an alarming figure for both the employees suffering with the illness and the employer trying to keep their business running.

What can you do as an employer to give your employees the support they need?
There are a number of products available on the UK health insurance market that provide specific cover for counseling, support and practical advice for both the employer and the employee. They all vary in the degree of cover and benefits available depending on the policy and the insurer who provides it:Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)

Essentially the support provided in the options available are fully confidential to the member and the solutions are provided by expert and qualified professionals who have the experience to help employees to find a resolution to whatever problems they are experiencing.

The cost of providing this valuable support for your staff does vary; EAP’s tend to be one of the more cost effective options.

By finding out what products are available for your business and balancing this against the cost that absenteeism is currently costing your bottom line,  we are confident you will see the benefit in the investment in a policy of this nature.

After all, your employees are a valuable commodity and therefore looking after their welfare will be money well spent.
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