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Benenden Health was founded in 1905, originally to help Post Office worers who were diagnosed with tuberculosis. They have their own hospital based in Kent but importantly, members can recieve treatment in other facilities throughout the UK.  Benenden Health will provide treatment for over 250 common procedures, however, they are not a health insurance company.

In 1952 Her majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen mother became a patron of the Society and in 1969 the Benenden Hospital became a charitable trust.

Benenden Health for Business

You can become a member if you are a UK resident and are over 16 years of age. There is no upper age limit for membership and pre-existing medical conditions are not excluded. If you want to find a simple and affordable healthcare solution for your staff then a policy from Benenden is undoubtably worth considering.

The business healthcare plan includes the following elements:

  • Diagnostic tests (helping you to avoid lengthy waiting time on the NHS)
  • Medical treatment for over 250 procedures
  • 24/7 GP helpline
  • 24/7 Mental Health helpline
  • Physiotherapy
  • Mental Health support
  • Cancer support
  • Care planning and Social Care advice

The plan does not cover treatment for critical illness such as oncology, neurosurgery, cardiac or compex skeletal surgery. Furthermore, it does not cover long- term chronic conditions.

It is not a cash plan. There are no cash back benefits for dental or optical treatment.

A Benendent Health business policy needs 5 main members. There is no medical underwriting and if you are a UK resident, acceptance is guaranteed.

Claims do not impact your renewal premium. In fact, this is a key element of the pricing structure to consider against other employee benefits.

It is worth noting however that a plan from Beneden is a taxable benefit but IPT (Insurance Premium Tax) and VAT are not applicable.

Can you add your dependants to a Benenden Health plan?

An important element from Benenden Health is that you can add your dependants to the plan providing they live at your address.

When you are ready to look at a policy in more detail for your staff. SMP Healthcare will be here to help you.