Private medical insurance can be a complex product to decipher. By using a specialised Private Medical Insurance broker you know that you are working with a company who can help you. Once appointed, your broker will work with you to ensure you get the best rates appropriate to your policy and that the policy you have is best suited to your needs.

Services provided by a specialist Private Medical Insurance broker

When you appoint your Private Medical Insurance broker to deal with your insurance policy you should receive expert advice as standard. It should be provided in a clear and transparent format, ensuring you understand the policy you have purchased.

It is a misconception that using an insurance broker will cost you more money than going direct to the insurer. In most cases, the insurers will charge exactly the same rates whether you go direct, or via an broker. Therefore, in a specialist market such as private medical insurance, working in partnership with an independent broker can take away the difficulties of deciding which policy is right for you.

By far the biggest benefit to most clients is the fact that your Private Medical Insurance broker is there to assist you at every stage of the policy.

Let’s look at Ascend Health in detail to examine what you gain by buying your health insurance policy through them:

Stage 1: We would go through a full fact-find with you to get to know what you want from your policy. We will also assess your pre-existing medical history. This is an essential part of the process.

Stage 2: The staff at Ascend Health will provide you with a full market review. We will recommend a private medical insurance policy that best suits your requirements. This will be a combination of finding the best policy benefits and keeping within your budget.

Stage 3: If you decide you would like to proceed with the recommendation, we would partially complete the application forms for you. You would then need to check the details, completing any missing information. Once you are happy, you can sign and return the application form to us for processing.

Stage 4: We check the application forms and send them to the provider for you. Your certificates and confirmation of cover will be sent to you directly. If you would like us to check them for you, we are happy to do so. The insurance companies will not send member certificates directly to us as your health insurance broker. You would need to forward them to us for checking.

We cannot register claims for our clients, but we are always here to help you if there are any problems in making a claim. When this happens, we would liaise with the insurer on your behalf. You would need to give your consent for us to be able to do this. In some cases, it is possible to have the decision to refuse a claim overturned, depending on circumstance. If your claim is not eligible for cover, we can explain to you exactly the reasons for this. Providing you have pre-authorised your claim, there should be no shortfall in payment.

Ascend Health does not make any charges to their clients for any of the services, either at renewal or throughout the policy year.