When you reach the age of 65 there is no reason for your healthcare insurance to cease. Even if you have never had a policy before, the market is still open for clients who are over 65. Your premium will increase as you get older because age is a risk factor. They will also consider where you live, your medical history and the rate of medical inflation.

It is also true that there are private medical insurance companies who reward their members for living healthy lifestyles. Even though you are getting older, you can still benefit from all of these offers. There are no additional exclusions or queries just because of your age.

Travel insurance add-on for the over 65’s

Another thing to consider is worldwide travel insurance which is sometimes provided as an add on to health insurance. There is a small additional cost but for as long as you have your private medical insurance cover in place, you know that your travel requirements are taken care of.  Travel insurance as an add-on is offered on a fit-to-travel basis. There is no lengthy medical screening procedure to go through.

Some insurers will also offer you discount on health assessments if you have a healthcare insurance policy with them.  Discounts for health assessments are available to all policy holders. Not just the over 65’s age group.

Renewal options for the over 65’s

Please, don’t just remain with your current insurer because you think you have no alternatives. Speak to one of our healthcare experts who will be more than happy to let you know the options available to you. Everyone is different and everyone has a different opinion on what is important to them. Especially true when you look at cover for private medical treatment.

We look at all of our clients on an individual basis and we are not affiliated with any specific insurance provider. You can be confident that we provide you with impartial advice to help you make an informed decision. This is 100% guaranteed; regardless of how old you are.

*BUPA offer a specific Health Assessment designed for those over 65’s. This gives you a picture of your health in later life. The total duration of the test is 120 minutes. You will have up to 60 minutes with a doctor and 60 minutes with a Health Advisor.

This assessment looks at your lifestyle, your mental health, your body composition, your heart and lungs, provides many blood and urine tests looking for indicators of Diabetes, Anaemia, Cholesterol (just a few examples), Bowel health and hearing tests.

*Source, BUPA.co.uk (February 2016)

By obtaining early diagnosis which in turn should ensure early treatment, you have the peace of mind that should there be any underlying illness these assessments should assist in early detection.

Do you want a half price health assessment?

Within Vitality Health’s Private Medical Insurance plans they offer many rewards and discounts which may be of genuine interest such as half price health screens, 50% off of Virgin Active gym membership, bonus Nectar Points for healthy food shopping and Eurostar tickets, cash back at Lloyds pharmacy. All of these additional benefits can contribute to helping you save money whilst your health insurance cover in place with them.