Travel Insurance as an add-on to your Private Medical Insurance

Travel Insurance if you have pre-existing medical conditions can be expensive. If you have a Health Insurance policy in place, why not add it on to your cover.  Unlike a standalone policy you will not have to answer a huge list of medical questions.

Travel Insurance purchased as an-add on to Health Insurance is on a “Fit to Travel” basis. Therefore no medical history questionnaires and declarations are necessary.  If you have any pre-existing conditions and have been advised by your consultant/ GP/ Specialist that you are fit to travel then you would be able to make any eligible claims on your policy.

Travel Insurance Add-ons are available from:

Although Bupa do not offer Travel Insurance as an “add-on”, if you have a Bupa company scheme in place you are eligible for discount for a travel policy on a company basis from them. This is an also a fit to travel policy with claims being subject to their own specific criteria.

Each provider has their own terms and conditions. As the policy holder it is your responsibility to ensure that you are happy and that you understand the policy that you are buying. It is essential that you check the monetary limits, the destination areas, any age limits (especially relating to Winter Sports), cover for activities and any maximum trip length to ensure that you have the right Travel Insurance cover in place prior to leaving your country of residence.

Checking that the cover level on your Travel Insurance is suitable

As an example with Vitality Health, if you have a company Private Medical Insurance policy in place and choose to add their Travel Insurance add-on then all members covered on the scheme must be 79 or under at the time of implementing the travel insurance aspect of cover. Trips are covered up to a maximum of 120 days per trip and winter sports are limited to 21 days per policy year. The medical expenses aspect of the policy gives a maximum limit of £10 million per insured person.

By combining the two policies you also have the benefit of dealing with one provider which in turn means you don’t have yet another policy to keep on file. Convenience is key when it comes to taking the two policies from the same provider.

We would also like to ensure that everyone is aware that if you have Emergency Overseas cover as a benefit on your Private Medical Insurance policy that this is not a substitute for Travel Insurance cover. The limitations on the policy such as trip duration and benefit value could result in it not even fully covering the cost of the medical treatment required. Emergency Overseas cover would not cover you for anything such as cancelled flights, lost baggage, personal liability or personal accident.

If you would like to know whether there is a Travel Insurance add-on available to your Private Medical Insurance policy or you would like us to help you find a new policy that suits your own specific requirements, please contact us on 01245 929129, by email or by completing our on-line quotation form and one of our staff will be happy to help you.