Are you travelling abroad frequently for business or pleasure?  If the answer to this question is yes, but you still live in the UK for 180 days of the year, look at your cover options before you travel.

Travel insurance as an add-on to your health insurance

Most UK health insurance providers offer their customers a comprehensive worldwide travel policy as an add-on. If you have a private medical insurance policy you may be eligible to add travel cover for a minimal cost.

People of all ages can benefit from having their travel insurance covered easily and you don’t have to go through a lengthy screening process.  Many of the policies will cover pre-existing conditions, providing you are fit to travel. Having everything on one policy makes life simple when you are travelling abroad.

There are travel insurance providers who have no upper age limit for cover. Similarly, there are also providers who will only offer cover up to certain ages. Please check the terms and conditions that apply to your own policy.

Travelling abroad for a longer time period?

As with any travel insurance, no two policies are the same.  Where some will offer maximum trips of 30 days, others offer a wider scope of 120 days at any one time. Many of these add-on travel insurance providers will cover business equipment to specific maximums, and cover winter sports. You should be aware that even if you have no excess on your health insurance, there may well be a standard excess amount on the travel insurance element of the plan.

There are also a number of policies that offer Emergency Overseas Cover to their members. This is not an alternative to travel insurance! The benefits are geared only towards emergency treatments & repatriation or evacuation, if medically necessary. You should not rely on Emergency Overseas Cover alone when you are travelling abroad.

For many private medical insurance customers, the beauty of adding their travel cover to their private medical insurance policy is simply that, in a busy world, this is another thing they do not have to remember!

Ascend Health can take care of all your travel insurance requirements. Our expert team can help you access the absolute best policy.